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    Established in 2001, the Vietnamese Community in National University of Singapore (VNCNUS) has grown over the years to become a family with more than 1000 members. They are current NUS students and alumni. VNCNUS strives to strengthen the bonds amongst Vietnamese students in NUS, as well as to promote Vietnamese culture to our international friends.


    We have been and will continue to:

    Support Vietnamese students in their pursuit of academic excellence, personal development and career advancement.

    Create a harmonious and conducive environment that inspires members to explore their potentials and strive for new horizons.

    Collaborate with NUS' official bodies, societies and other external organisations and affiliates to connect our members with new friends and new opportunities.

  • The Hitchhiker's Guide To Life In NUS

    For those who are curious about life here, in NUS, visit this blog to

    find out more about our VNCians' life, inside and outside the lecture halls,

    learn how to prepare for and apply to NUS,

    read stories and feel inspired!


    July 9, 2016
    Tình yêu. Giận dữ. Ghen tị. Đam mê. Mỗi tiết mục là những sắc thái, cung bậc tình cảm khác nhau. Lần đầu tiên được tổ chức ở UCC Theatre, với các tiết mục đến từ nhiều thể loại nghệ thuật, chương trình năm nay là một trải nghiệm không thể quên được đối với tất cả khán giả và cả những người làm ch...
    February 13, 2016
    Infusion là một hoạt động ngoại khóa với mục đích là sân chơi cho sinh viên mỗi nước thể hiện bản sắc dân tộc mình và giới thiệu mình với thế giới. Mọi năm, Infusion đều được tổ chức ở University Culture Centre, hội trường lớn thứ 2 ở Singapore. Những vũ công chuyên nghiệp của VNCNUS  Từ trái...
    "Con ơi, Tết này con có về không?" Câu hỏi rất đỗi bình thường của cha mẹ mà mỗi chúng ta - những người con xa xứ - đều nghĩ đến mỗi dịp xuân về; bởi lẽ, năm hết Tết đến, cả nhà đoàn tụ sum vầy. Thế nhưng, với những ai đã và đang theo học tại NUS, "cả nhà" còn bao hàm một ý nghĩa khác: đại gia ...
    Sau bao ngày chờ đợi, ngày 17/10, buổi liên hoan chào mừng ngày Phụ nữ Việt Nam đã diễn ra tại PGP Function Room 1 trong không khí háo hức và tràn ngập niềm vui. Buổi chào mừng chắc chắn đã để lại nhiều khoảnh khắc đáng nhớ cho các chị em VNCNUS. Nhiều trò chơi thú vị mang lại tiếng cười cho tất...
    September 13, 2015
    VNCNUS xin giới thiệu với các bạn hình ảnh và "nhận diện thương hiệu mới" của tổ chức. Bắt đầu từ hôm nay 14/9, website chính thức của VNCNUS được chuyển tới địa chỉ: www.vncnus.net   - Forum sẽ tiếp tục hoạt động bình thường tại: forum.vncnus.net - Youtube channel chính thức của VNCNUS: http:/...
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  • Past and Upcoming Events

    We like to keep life here colourful and vibrant

    Look out for upcoming events and join us!

    VNC 0209 - Hourglass (2016)

    Celebrating vietnam's national day

    The Curtain Rises. The Show Is On.
    VNC 0209 Is Back.

    3 September 2016. 7 pm. Prince George's Park.

    RSVP Now
    Learn More


    Come. Celebrate.

    Freshmen Orientation Campaign

    Where VNCians' journey begins

    You're leaving home for a whole new chapter of your life, and you're scared that you'll arrive here all alone, clueless and alienated. We make sure that doesn't happen.


    FOC is organised annually and includes series of events that start way before the academic year commences. We organise meetings with freshmen in their hometowns to prepare them for the long journey that they are about to embark on, introduce them to each other, and ensure that everyone is well taken care of when they arrive in Singapore.


    2016 is a special year. University wide freshmen orientation activities was suspended. Yet, we still managed to give the freshies a warm welcome they all deserved.


    information for prospect nus students 

    Check out our guidebook for freshmen AY 2016/2017 at FOC 2016 Guidebook 1 !

    Esta Noche

    UNLEASH - A musical

    Needless to say, EN 2016 - Unleash, was a huge success. The cast and crew was amazing, and the show dazzled the audience on 20 March 2016. We've shown people that we are capable of producing a professional performance, with a meaningful story behind every line, every dance move and every song.


    Visit Esta Noche's Facebook Page to relive the moments of Unleash.

    Overnight Camp

    a night of fun and laughter

    Tired of studying for mid-terms? Join your fellow VNCians in a night of unforgettable memories.

    A plethora of activities awaits you: board game, chalet, BBQ, cycling, etc.


    What are you waiting for? Join us now

    Homecoming Dinner 2016

    Inaugural dinner for the nostalgic

    First of its kind, Homecoming Dinner 2016 is a great opportunity for graduates as well as undergraduates to mingle and network, while celebrating Lunar New Year and reminiscing their school lives at NUS.


    Learn more about it here.


    too tired mugging for exams?

    Karaoke, Movie, Board and Card games are waiting for you! Join us to relieve your stress and enjoy the fun!

    RSVP at our Event Facebook page!

    Senior Sharing Session is back!

    ask us now!

    Senior Sharing Session will be moving ONLINE this year.

    • More convenient
    • Able to reach wider audience
    • More interactive 
    • Continued discussion even after official event period.

    We will be posting questions and answers on our VNCNUS Facebook Page Don't miss out.

    Vietnam Women's Day Celebration

    Wonderful outstanding Marvelous Adorable Nice!

    An event to show appreciation and devotion to our dearest women!

    A collection of skits, music and games to spice up your 20/10.

    Drop your secret gifts today for your girlfriends at the Vietnamese Stall -Prince George's Park Residences (PGPR). 

    Join our event at 20/10 Facebook page. 

    VNCNUS Recruitment - NOW!

    We are looking for great young minds

    It's on now! Have an idea, want to do something big or small? 

    JOIN US!

    Find out more here on our Facebook Page!

    VNC 0209 #MyVN70 (2015)

    Celebrating 70 years of independence

    On 30 August 2015, Vietnamese students, professors and friends of VNCNUS came together to celebrate Vietnam's 70th Independence Day.


    Visit VNC 0209's Facebook page to learn more about our fun-filled, meaningful and enlightening celebration!

  • The Team

    We connect people. We make dreams happen.

    And we do a lot of talking and writing and managing and stuffs.

    Seriously, though, we care!


    Presenting the XVI Committee

    Doan Viet Hong


    Caring Mother of VNCNUS.

    RA - Dancer

    Messy Thinker

    Future Environmental Engineer.

    Van Hanh Ta Hong Duc

    Vice President - Internal Affairs

    Dreamer. Listener.

    Emotional. Mean. Talkative.

    Communication & New Media Major.

    Ngo Mai Linh

    Vice President - External Affairs

    Love watching dogs, cats, babies video;

    and sleeping on rainy day, like a cat.

    Hate study.

    Business Student. 

    Le Quoc Hung

    Marketing & Communication Director

    Project Director - Homecoming Dinner '16

    Dang Thu Hien

    Marketing & Communication Director

    Project Director - FOC '16

    Hoang Nam Cuong

    Project Director - 20/10

    Nguyen Phuong Nhu

    Project Director - Homecoming Dinner '16

    Project Director - 20/10

    Le Minh Phuc

    Project Director - Homecoming Dinner '16

    Ta Ngoc Tu Anh

    Project Director - Homecoming Dinner '16

    Do Khanh Vy

    Project Director - Esta Noche '16

    Project Director - VNC0209

    Le Minh Duc

    Project Director - Esta Noche '16

    Project Director - VNC0209

    Tran Canh Khanh Trinh

    Project Director - Esta Noche '16

    Project Director - VNC0209

    Nguyen Thu Nga

    Project Director - Esta Noche '16

    Dang Dinh Quoc Dung

    Project Director - Esta Noche '16

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